Tim MansfieldWelcome to my efforts as a wordsmith!

I write under the pseudonym Jack Hammersley.

Poet, soldier, sailor, spy is the best way to describe us both!

I have been writing on and off for years but have always scribbled notes which have been scattered throughout my various homes around the world in drawers and boxes.

So last year I decided to get them together and put them all in one place.

Well of course, I am still missing a huge number of my scribblings and can’t remember where I put all of them over the past thirty years or so! But I will dig them out one day and publish them.

As a child I was fortunate to live with my family in many countries around the world including Australia (where I was born) – Ireland, England, France, Spain, Andorra, Switzerland, Jamaica, Mexico and the USA. Later on I lived and worked in various countries in the Middle East and in Kurdistan (Northern Iraq).

In all these countries I learned about their different cultures, their religions, their languages and their art. My life has always been full of travel and adventure, and my plan is to pack in as much more fun as possible over the coming years.

I did kiss the Blarney Stone one time. The immediate result was a nasty case of the ‘flu no doubt passed on by someone who had previously stuck their lips on it. Years later I realised that I had also been infected by the desire to write and to tell my stories – it’s an exclusively Irish disease called “The Gift of the Gab.” Some call it a gift from God . . .

There are quite a few of my stories and poems on here so just go to the menu above to read them depending on the category.

I hope you enjoy my writing. Please comment, like or rate them underneath the post you are reading, or contact me by using the form below. Hello’s, critiques and suggestions are very welcome!


Please comment below, write what you feel!

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