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kissDon’t tell me that you are sad, that you are depressed; that you have given up on life. I don’t want to know.

Tell me that you look forward to tomorrow; that you are happy, that you love life. And then I will support you for eternity.

Tell me that you smelt the roses that I grew for you in our garden – the ones that filled our home with perfume in bright reds and pinks and yellows; so bursting with my love for you.

Don’t make me suffer in between because I don’t deserve that in my life. I am not the person to blame when things go wrong. I am just the one who loves you.

Life owes you nothing. It is you who makes your own destiny, and I will always be there by your side to help you; but please laugh and smile because we only have a short time to enjoy our wonderful planet, so do it whilst you can and don’t try my patience and my love for you.

Life is what we make of it . . .