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busySome people say “I am too busy.”

They are so busy that they have reached the stage where they cannot function effectively anymore; they are so overwhelmed with work.

Their days are filled with so many problems that when people try to talk to them they just do not respond.

When they get home they greet their families with an exhausted face; down-trodden and defeated; and their loved little ones who look up to them and their spouses ask them ‘Why?”

What work is so exhausting and so emotionally draining that they cannot do their job or love others? Their problems are their own. No-one else creates them.

They are so busy that they have lost sight of their objectives, and all has become a question of me-me-me. And this includes their peers around them; whom they see either as their lifeline to success, or the reason for their failure.

But I say, why not be yourself? Why struggle to impress when there is no need? Your efforts and your deeds are good enough just on their own.

You can arrive in the office at 6 o’clock in the morning well before everyone else, and leave as the last person to turn off the lights. But if you do nothing in between no-one will be impressed.

People are not fools and they see falsehood in a flash, and they will not thank you for it.

What is important is what you really DO; it is about the effort and the heart that you put into your life. It is not about how others judge you when you fool them and yourself.

And what is the point anyway if you spend your days and nights worrying about your job and trying to impress your boss and your colleagues?

Come alive again. Work hard but honestly, and return the love to other people who really care for you.

Then they will see you for who you really are, and they will be impressed and know that you care.

You must do what you want, and not what others want you to do.

Life is short and you should never live other people’s dreams . . . . only your own.