Old ladyA couple of weeks ago I was standing outside the entrance to an office building in the centre of Sydney, waiting to meet a friend.

The street was busy with traffic and pedestrians and as I waited I noticed a very old lady slowly making her way along the pavement pushing a trolley. I guess I caught her eye as she manoeuvred deliberately through the crowd towards me and smiled with a broad toothy grin.

She said, “Girls shouldn’t keep young men waiting should they?” I was quite surprised at her remark and thanked her kindly for the observation.

But before I could explain that I wasn’t waiting for a girl she laughed out loud with a twinkle in her eye and slowly walked away . . .

To this day I have no idea what the old lady meant but it did strike me at the time that it was an odd encounter.

That night I couldn’t sleep, and tossing and turning in bed I thought about this extraordinary person; bent and doubled with age but with bright blue eyes as deep as the sea.

I was lying on my side in bed thinking about her and I felt something hit my back, with such force that it actually knocked the breath out of my lungs.

I don’t believe in coincidences in life. I believe that every meeting with another person has a reason; that we are all connected in some way that we still don’t understand . . .

And now I wonder if she was ever there.