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path of lifeYou see there is only one way to go. You must follow your dreams. They belong to you and no-one else has the right to interfere with them – unless you wish to share them with someone you love and trust  . .

You dreams are your sub-conscious desires. They are the things you aspire to in real life, and why not dream? And I don’t mean just dreams in your sleep. I mean your desires in life.

Dreams are the real truth about who you are. They show you the path you should take in life; so try to understand them and realise that they mean something important. In most cases they mean change.

Now think of an image you dreamt of yesterday or last week. Who was that person, or where was that scenery? What was the object of your wish?

You may fail in trying to achieve your dreams, but you must try; and most importantly you must never give up on them. Far better to enjoy your dreams and strive to reach them than to do nothing at all.

Because if we have no ambition; no effort to try to succeed, we simply die whilst never having tried. So you must try and you must fight to achieve your dreams.

And when you try you will find reward. But it takes time, like sowing after ploughing. The crop does not just grow the next day.

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“Live your dream. Risk everything to make it work.”