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butterflyMy fingers slowly traced my thoughts around your brow; caressed your temples in small loving circles whilst you lay beside me in the dawn

Your eyes were softly closed as you half-slept and dreamt in some place where I could not be

A butterfly light-landed on a flower, the teardrop of a rainbow; I whispered that I cared so much I’d die for you, and softly cried – I could not let you know my pain

My touch of love, as early morning sun gold-filtered through the open windows from across the olive fields, my dreams came to an end

I thought you listened just the night before – we held each other close and promised love until the day we died

I thought you understood what I was saying, my whispered words of love

You listened – but you did not hear

You wanted to be somewhere else, where all is perfect, and you could live in paradise

And then you left – you went away, with someone else; a brighter butterfly

My body lost its rainbow colours, and then I nearly died for you. But my heart will live with you until the day I die

We always promised to be true.

And truth is what life is about, and that is love


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