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Quantum leapingOne day there comes a time to change.

You will know when it happens because it is that time when nothing is going well in your life. It is a turning-point; a new road that you must take even when you don’t want to change direction on your chosen path.

There is a big difference between remaining on your path because you are determined not to give up to reach your goal, and recognizing that you are not on the right one.

So when you wake up one day and think life is too difficult, do not give up on your dreams, just approach them from a different perspective.

That is the day to change; to do something different. The day has arrived when you have to move out of your comfort zone; do something so different that it will scare you – and then you will be amazed.

Just take another path. Life is meant to be lived in happiness. You will not fail. You will start again with other challenges, and they will be your own.

Albert Einstein was once on a train in Russia and posed the question, “Am I going to Moscow or is Moscow coming to me?”; part of his theory of relativity.

Another saying of his is “When you stay in the same place the same things happen to you, but when you move everything changes.”

I don’t think he just meant just in a physical move. He also meant a move in our thought patterns and our habits too; a shift away from these, a paradigm.

We used to think that science fiction was not true. It was just a vision of an impossible future. But I can tell you now that we are living it, though we may not fully understand it yet.

We still don’t believe in tele-transportation or the concept of Beam me up Scottie from Star Wars.

But I can send you this article via the Internet and you will receive it instantly. Or I could talk to you and see you live on Skype, anywhere in the world, although I am not there physically. It all goes through the air.

Physical tele-transportation or quantum jumping may not happen soon for human beings.

The closest thing we have to it now is dreaming and that seems to work for me, but when it does, I’m going traveling.