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albatrossI hear the sound of silence from across the waves, from oceans tips and salty seas; and troughs between where brave men fear to go.

Where albatross fly high and then look down and watch us all. They steer us to a land of hope not far away.

They see that even stormy seas do not diminish men; but know that they must listen to the tongues in trees, and taste the salt-spray on their cheeks.

And when they do, they know that life was not just meant to be a road to glory and success.

There is a place along the way for every one of us to pause and count our blessings as our time goes by.

It is the little things along our path in life that matter most of all. Not just the money that we count in towers in the sky; they are the traps of wealth that others judge us by.

Real riches lie within our hearts; and they are earned by love and kindness that are stored inside of us in treasures forged of gold, to use one day to give to others when they need to ask the question “Why?”