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00000309Five guys weekend fishin’ trip on a houseboat (Friday evening to Monday morning) to catch the biggest catfish in Europe – weighing up to 150 kilos!

Ribes Rojes, Tarragona. Spain.


Basic stores consumed (for the use of):

Bottles red wine 26 nos.
Bottles whiskey 3 nos.
Bottles brandy 1 nos.
Bottles gin 2 nos.
Bottles beer 148 nos.
Havana cigars 24 nos.
Food 2 tins baked beans & 6 eggs

FB_aplocalypse_rpgBait used: 20 live eels

Tackle lost: 4 rods overboard (of 5)

Mechanical stuff:

Rupert’s fishing line got tangled around the prop. He thought he’d caught a big one and fought it bravely for about two minutes before the rod disappeared overboard.

Men overboard: 3 out of 5

Casualties: 4 out of 5

Hangovers: 5 out of five

Catfish score: 0

Fun score: 12 out of 10!