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Alexander Mansfield & ArchieThere is no greater love than the one that a dog can give you. It is because they care and they are ever faithful and they love you with no limits.

They don’t care if you are rich or poor; they do not judge at all. They don’t know how to speak to us with words, so they talk with acts of love and compassion.

They laugh and smile and cry just with their eyes, and steal our shoes and socks to treasure them and keep them for themselves.

The only thing they ask is to have their love returned in kindness. A soft pat on the head, a rub on their belly, a walk in the park, some nice food; and that is all they need.

In their sleep they dream of running across great valleys and along the river banks where they bark at the sleeping willow trees; and at ducks that they can smell from miles away.

black Labrador PuppyDogs know things that we humans do not see. For them we are their family and they would die for us.

They are our greatest friends, and always have been.

RIP Archie. Rest now for you have given all your love over fourteen happy years, and we will always remember you. _________________________________________________________________