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Life is ShortYou see the cost of living does not refer to the median price of beef-burgers at MacDonald’s or inflation, your mortgage, the price of fuel or education for your kids.

It is about what happens to us as humans as we go through our lives. It is about how joy can turn to sadness, and the same in reverse.

It is about the joy of living. It is about the ups and downs in life; the tides that flow and affect us all. The feeling of the sun on your face, and the pleasure of living in our wondrous world. It is about the fear you face when you climb the highest mountain you can find – to a summit where you can proudly say “I did it.”

The hardest climb in all the world is not called Everest – it is called The Metaphor.

It is the toughest mountain of them all; with icy slopes and frozen vertical cliffs, and chasms where even ladders do not help to cross them, and Sherpa’s just give up on you. It is the time when you are very scared.

But if you climb it to the very top you can say I tried and here I am; I have the privilege to look down across great valleys and see the mountain tops covered with snow, to see the eagle’s soar above the clouds and to understand how they feel.

It is about the joy of having your own children; the moment when you first made them and the love that brought them to our earth – our multi-coloured ADN entangled forever in a spiral of happiness.

You cannot put price tags on events and changes in your life. You cannot say “That cost me more because I suffered,” or that when you got divorced “I counted it in money and coins of regret that still lie in my soul.” You cannot say “I give up on life because it is too hard.”

Life can be cruel; but it is cruel to us all so do not think that you are alone.

But you can say: “I count my blessings every day,” and you can add “I do not regret anything that I have done; I will not judge my life based on the cost to me or others.”

And you can say I have learned from my mistakes and now I have the knowledge to go on with my life. And when you reach this point in life it is the time to take stock. A time to forgive yourself for the mistakes you made along the way and forge ahead to happiness. We are all human and we learn along the path of life.

There is no magic silver spoon when we are born that gives us experience from day one.


“Realize this: one day your soul will depart from your body and you will be drawn behind the curtain that floats between us and the unknown. While you wait for that moment, be happy, because you don’t know where you came from and you don’t know where you will be going.”

~ Omar Khayyám, Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam