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I wish that somSilenceeone would invent a way of recording silence. I hate the sound of noisy traffic and sirens in the city and of barking dogs at night.

Maybe they could just digitally tape it and it could overwrite real sounds. Then I could listen to the silence on my earphones and relax.

There would be no real noise at all, only the muted chattering of my own thoughts.

But wait a minute. Can I add another request and ask for 3D sounds of running creeks and raindrops on my roof, and wind which softly blows through sleeping willow trees along the river banks?

Please can I have smells too, that come from jungles far away and from spice-laden lands, and smells that begin at dawn and drift across the plains of Africa from waterholes where lions drink; and from India where great elephants take their morning baths with glee. And the sweet scent of eucalyptus trees that I have known from the first day of my life.

And the smell of cafes in Barcelona in the early morning and freshly baked croissant in Marseille, and fragrant orange trees in bloom in Majorca. And smells from the salty Atlantic waves crashing against the Cliffs of Moher; the place where whales do sing to us in joy and seagulls whirl above the waves.

All of these things are free.

Be happy too.