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Walkabout ManThe benefit of going walkabout is that somehow everything becomes clear. It is to do with being close to nature.

It is as if the plants and the animals, and the sun and the moon and the stars suddenly understand – and I know that it is my fault that I have not understood them before.

Now I remember images and events from over the years that have come back to me so clearly. They are about things I have never spoken of and are hard to explain, and I think in some way my mind had blocked them out to protect me.

I stored them all away for decades in the basement of my memory, locked in a dark room with keys I didn’t know I had.

Now I look up alone at night from my camp-fire and watch the stars, as they look down at me. We understand each other.

You see sometimes you need a break to find yourself again. It can take months or even years, but when you do. you turn around and you go home.


~ Jack Hammersley