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Life between heaven and earth - Jack HammersleyI died some years ago for a few days, in a grey hospital in Dublin. Time passed as though there was no day or night, and changed my life forever.

In coma you don’t know who you are anymore or who you can believe; not even in yourself. Dreams come and go like lullabies, sweet songs that make you sleep and heal the pain that makes you fear.

You know that somehow you are in between that place of life and death, and that you must fight on.

I said no to the bright shining light that called me on; and no to those green mountains and their valleys that beckoned me to join them too; and no to their insistent voices muffled by soft swirling clouds of mist surrounding the high mountain sides.

I said no to sparkling golden dust reflected by wind-sprayed waves from the surface of dark lakes, bounced down again from silver clouds into my tearful eyes to make me follow them.

Thoughts of my children; their laughter and their love, their hearts and tiny hands that need my care to help them grow.

I shouted illness go away, and then awoke to find that I was now a different man; changed forever but ready for another chance in life.

Face to face with my own mortality I had won the battle; for the time being.

Life had drained from me with rivers of my blood, but in my sleep my soul grew ever strong, and my will to live glowed like a light-blue shroud around my hospital bed.

So, now I live to feel a life ten-fold to start again, a life where simple pleasures give me joy, and sunrise is a blessing every day.

In my dreams my children fly beside me on the tips of my wings high above the mountains and the valleys, and we smile lovingly at each other.

Our outer feathers softly touch as we glide above the clouds.

We know that we shall be together for a millenia more, and laugh in happiness for better times we know will come.