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1 RIR IraqHaving served for 19 years and 216 days and completed 10 Operational tours I found myself being placed on the scrap-heap once diagnosed with PTSD.

Without charities stepping in to help us, we have nothing in support. We need the Government to invest in us, it would mean that politicians actually care.

I am a joint Patron of Veterans in Action (VIA) and we continuously raise money that is urgently needed to take veterans away and help them feel part of a team and help them open up, we will go that extra mile to rebuild their future and put them back into society as a stronger better human being.

Without funding we cannot help as many people as we would initially have liked to, but in the meantime we are currently training up ex-soldiers in bush-craft and survival as a way of teaching them new skills so they can regain their confidence and move ahead again in civilian life.

We need 10,000 signatures before the UK Government will respond to our petition so please help by following this link (UK residents only as you must provide your postcode):


Thank you on behalf of our brave military.

Trevor Coult MC
Royal Irish Regiment