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Me on Voyageur 1972Have I done it all, or have I just started again?

So many things; not in chronological order:

Deckhand on yachts all over the Mediterranean and on our own one named Voyageur, real estate in London when I was nineteen, real estate in Madrid when I was twenty-one, Sales & Commercial Manager . . property development company in Dublin when I was twenty-three, Assistant Trainer (thoroughbred flat racing horses – the Curragh, Ireland).

I was Assistant Factor on a sporting estate in Morayshire, Scotland for a few happy months and spent most of my time driving around 25,000 acres of the Highlands trying to collect rent from the farmers and crofters on the estate who hadn’t paid it in fifty years and weren’t about to start then.

Tim Tulchan

The locals were a tough lot of Highlander’s and they didn’t like Sassenachs. Something to do with a place named Culloden I suspect.

One of them was a huge man who I met in the local pub one night, well over six feet tall, and he threatened to do some very nasty things to my little body until I told him in no uncertain terms that I was Irish and would yank his heart out and eat it in front of him. He relented and we drank two bottles of the best malt I have ever had that same night. I found out later he owned the local distillery.

British Army Royal Irish Rangers, Northern Ireland and other places, Cargo Night Manager East-West Airlines, Sydney Airport (the only job I could find at the time), Country Manager TNT Spain, partner Angel Cleaning Company in Sydney (my main contract was cleaning brothels in King’s Cross . . and please don’t ask!).

Sales Manager of the most successful real estate agency in Australia at the time; owner DPE International Express, Barcelona (ten years), winner of several awards in Spain for internet business projects, several gongs too for humanitarianism in the field of African orphans and Aids/HIV, Webmaster. Associate Director – Colliers International Sydney.

One Tim RIR NI 1979of the few recorded people in the British Army who was threatened in person by the PIRA in the Republic of Ireland and survived. And just before that event the top Brass said to me, “Mr. Mansfield, Northern Ireland is too small for you and the British Army at the same time – one of us has to go.” They were sad times as you can see by clicking here.

One of even fewer people who was arrested nine times in Saudi Arabia (for no fault of mine own of course) and survived; but have a rib that stills hurts if the weather changes.

Which reminds me of the huge Sudanese executioner of Jeddah, he used a sabre to do the job. They kept him on a chain so he could only reach about ten feet around the public square after doing his work. He had gone nuts years before. Well I would have too under the circumstances.

idi amin jeddahAnd too Idi Amin, who nearly ran me over in Jeddah in 1984 in his imported armored Cadillac in a street there. Everyone thought he had died years before, but no way. He apparently had a very nice pad in the desert not far from Jeddah until his final demise in 2003.

General Manager of an international property consultancy in Sydney, Sales Manager real estate agency in Dubai. Poet, writer, freelance journalist, player of the harmonica. Like to sing and dance, love to laugh and tell jokes (give me the subject and I’ll tell you the joke!).

Lived in so many places including Australia, Ireland, England, Scotland, Spain, Andorra, France, Switzerland, Malta, Mexico, Jamaica, USA (Texas), Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Dubai and Iraq.

I cry sometimes, but I love all the time (my children especially, but anyone else who will have me . . a joke, haha!), animal lover. All of them but especially dolphins, elephants, and more recently platypus. They have tits, lay eggs, are venomous to humans, and love their kids who they raise in a pouch like a Kangaroo . . now that is an amazing animal!

Tiger snakeI am happy to say that I often stay at a family owned rural property named ‘Kallarroo’ in the Monaro Ranges (the Snowy Mountain area) where we have several families of platypus living in the creek . . well ok, the property is very isolated from mankind, which is just as well.

IMG_0217And there are kangaroos, wombats, kookaburras, cockatoos, echidnas and lyre birds, and every other creature you can think of in the Australian bush including trap-door, funnel-web and red-back spiders and the most dangerous reptiles in the world including Copper Head and Tiger snakes.

Shooting (extremely good at it and got a medal to prove it which I gave away to a kid who liked it because it was shiny and I won’t say where I got it or why ok).

Fishing (all types), sailing, married twice and have two children who I adore, my friends and my family . . they mean everything to me.

And on the eve of the new year of 2018 I have so much more to do in my life . . . YIPEEEEE !!

Love, happiness and health are my goals in life now..


I am just a human being like everyone else. Life has its ups and downs. I never give up, and no-one ever should . . .



And a poem of mine:


No Man

I have flown soft-winged among the silken clouds and touched them on my way

Moved up and down in harsh and gentle winds that knew no bounds

Kissed by the sun, my feet have walked lands far away

Where waves on golden beaches softly touched my toes, watched lovingly by bowing palms on shores where now I wish to be

You see inside my soul there lives a child

Who laughs and smiles, and sees the beauty of our world

That child is me, and you . . .