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girl smiling on trainA beautiful girl smiled at me today. It happened on the train when I was going into the city in Sydney.

I noticed her as she got onto the carriage and thought ‘What a lovely girl.’ And just after my thought she looked directly at me and smiled. I was really surprised.

It was an open and happy smile you know, not just a glancing one. It said I like you, do you like me too?

Of course I smiled back. In fact I tried to say by telepathy “You look so happy. You are an angel. You are gorgeous.” I would have told her personally but she was standing across the carriage from me with three people in between.

I think she got the message anyway because when she got out at Martin Place she turned her head and blew me a kiss with her hand, and then she was gone.

I wanted to tell her that I would take her to places where even Gods fear to go; to places around the world that only me and eagles know – on ships across the towering waves where Albatross glide by and steer us to the land; to tropical islands where no man has lived for many years, and summits on high mountains where very few have seen the heaven that is life.

And now I am thinking maybe there is someone out there who I can love again one day.

Perhaps she saw that in one brief moment in my eyes – it worried her and she thought ‘I don’t think I can follow you.’

Or, perhaps she thought, I will do all those things with you one day . . . I wish I could meet a meet a soul like you again.