In apple orchards ‘neath the sinking sun,
Knee-deep in greenest grass
‘mongst bumble-bees and singing birds,
Forever in my eyes.

With silent steps along the grey canal,
And leaves that fall – hang slowly in the air,
And sink beneath the mirrored waters to the floor.

To walk along the beach,
Both hand in hand,
And think not of the troubled life of man,
But of the wondrous beauty of the land,
Which time alone can never take from us.

Remember once a moment,
A falling star ‘cross darkened heavens flees,
A flash of time and beauty held in mind,
A person in a life,
A wind-borne leaf that drifts,
With unheard echoes to the ground.

A ray of sunshine through a window pane,
A hope, a thought, a fear,
Of life too gentle and too dear.

A picture of a Roman town,
Of statuettes and hills of vine,
Holds more of hope, of bright sunshine,
And time moves on.

And still a thought of walking hand in hand,
A person like a picture in a place of green and rolling fields,
Of water and of birds,
Of Georgian houses row on row.

Dear to my heart I hold these precious memories,
Of one I love so well,
Perhaps more precious ever so since time will guild these images with gold,

And beauty always lives and never dies,
Is held immortal, immaterial in your eyes.