Tossed and twisted by fronds of gentle winds, love curls and coils around the soul and claims your heart. Enchanted spirits fly soft-winged and touch your dreams.

Gold dawns and starlit dusks, perfume of roses entwine your heart; translucent spider webs that trap your thoughts.

You wake from summer slumber on the river bank of softest grass, and blinking in the evening light you see the truth for what it is and smell the coming of the morning dew, the essence of our life.

And at that moment between heaven and existence you know that all is well.

You chase away the dark clouds that hover over you, and do not sleep at all, you wake to see the glory of the rising sun, and puddles say that you must dream to live; we want to make you splash in us, to see your tiny feet in boots with so much joy and laughter.

And if you look deep into us you see your face reflected when the sun is high, and feel our love for every creature in our world.

And when clouds pass to block the sun do not despair, for puddles never do.

We know that life goes on, as we are water just like you.